America’s Martyr: Abraham Lincoln


President Abraham Lincoln
brought an end to slavery,
Confederate forces surrendered
ending American Civil War.

President Abraham Lincoln
assassinated by confederate;
John Wilkes Booth
in the April of 1865.


John Wilkes Booth

A nation stunned and shocked
Booth became most hunted man,
with nowhere to run or hide
was caught and shot by Union forces.

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Musical Genius: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

On the 27th January 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the son of Leopold and Maria Mozart from Bavaria, was born in Saltzburg, Austria.  On the 28th January, the young Mozart was baptised with the names; Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart at St.Rupert’s Cathedral.  Mozart came from a musical heritage, for his father Leopold was a composer and violinist, serving as an assistant concert master in the Salzburg court.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister, Maria Anna came under the musical tutorage of their father; Leopold.  Wolfgang’s introduction into the world of music started when he was three and Maria was seven.  Wolfgang excelled quickly in the world of music, and by five, had written his first composition, and went on to demonstrate his abilities on harpsichord and violin.

With Wolfgang aged six, and Maria aged eleven, these child prodigies went on European tours.  Their father took them to the court of Bavaria, Paris, London, The Hague and Zurich in 1762.

In 1763, Leopold Mozart became Vice-kappelmeister to the Archbishop of Salzburg.  In the latter part of 1763, the Mozarts toured Germany, France, England, Switzerland and the low countries, promoting their child prodigies, and returning home in 1766.  Towards the end of 1766, the Mozarts travelled to Vienna, where Wolfgang Mozart composed two operas.  In 1768, the young and talented Mozart, wrote a Mass and a collection of Serenades, and in the October of 1769 became honorary “Konzertmeister “at the Salzburg court.

These concert tours, would promote this child genius; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a possible prospect for employment by the noble courts of Europe, as a musician or court composer.

With Wolfgang’s sister having reached the age of 17, her musical career was all but over, for the custom of that time, no longer permitted her to show off her artistic talent in public.  It was now her time, to prepare for marriage.  With sadness in their heart, Wolfgang and his father, departed Salzburg bound for Italy in December of 1769, leaving his sister and mother behind.

Tours across Italy intensified to secure Wolfgang permanent employment, as they visited Verona, Mantua, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.  Wolfgang composed the opera “Mitridate Re di Ponto,” which established his reputation in the world of opera.

Aged just 13, Wolfgang Mozart had made his mark, when Pope Clement XIV made him a “Knight of the Golden Spur,” and at Bologna admitted to the “Accademia Filarmonica.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart along with his father returned from Italy in the March of 1773.  Leopold’s benefactor, Archbishop von Schrattenbach had died during their absence, and been succeeded by Hieronymus von Colleredo, who appointed the young Mozart as assistant concert master.  This gave Wolfgang the chance to experiment on different musical genres; symphonies, sonatas, serenades and operas.  It was during this experimental period he developed a passion for Violin Concertos, and during his life wrote five.  In 1776, he changed direction, and started writing piano concertos.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had much success with his compositions, but he wanted more, than be known as a mere assistant concert master in Salzburg.

In the August of 1777, departed Salzburg for Mannheim, Paris and Munich, accompanied by his mother seeking out better employment.  On the 3rd July 1778, Wolfgang’s mother died, and he was left along in a foreign country, to find his way home, whilst his father negotiated a better court position for him.  Mozart returned home, to take up the position of Court Organist.

Wolfgang was commissioned to write an opera, for the Court of Bavaria.  In November 1780 travelled to Munich to complete the work and conduct the “Idomeneo.”

In the March of 1781, Wolfgang was summoned by Colleredo to join his entourage in Vienna.  Treated much like a servant, and rolled out to perform chamber concerts in houses of nobility, did not go down well, and he often voiced his opinions to the fact on several occasions.

A heated argument erupted between Archbishop von Colleredo and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, resulting in Mozart’s resignation being accepted.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart settled in Vienna, at the home of Fridolin Weber, becoming a music teacher, writing music and performing concerts.

On the 4th August 1782, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart married Constanze Weber, with the approval of his mother, but his father believed his music was far more important, which led to difference of opinions regarding his forthcoming marriage.  Yet he finally gave way, and gave his son his blessing.  The couple were blessed with two children who survived infancy; Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver.

In the latter part of 1782 and early 1783, Wolfgang was influenced by the works of Johannes Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel, resulting in several Baroque styles compositions… (The Magic Flute).

He became friends with Joseph Haydn and often performed together, and went on to write six quartets dedicated to Haydn.

The opera “Die Entfuhrung” became popular, bolstering Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s name throughout Europe.

In 1784, he became a Freemason, and was well regarded by the secret society.  Freemasonry influenced much of his compositions.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart went on to compose some 600 works or more, lived an extravagant lifestyle, more associated with nobility.  By the latter part of the 1780’s Wolfgang and Constanze found themselves falling into serious financial difficulties.  To turn his finances about, he needed court appointment, as he had been borrowing from fellow Freemasons to retain his extravagant lifestyle.

In 1785 Wolfgang collaborated with Lorenzo da Ponte, composing “The Marriage of Figaro” which premiered in Venice and Prague in 1786.  With such success the pair wrote “Don Giovanni” which premiered in 1787.

In the December of 1787, Emperor Joseph II appointed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as chamber composer.  This income was most welcomed, as he was struggling with debt.

On the 18th November 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart conducted the dedication for the new Masonic Temple.  Just a few days later, on the 5th December he died in Vienna, Austria.

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Mystery: The Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste.jpg

The Mary Celeste was a 107 foot long, with a 26½ foot beam and a 16 foot draught Brigantine Sail Ship.  Originally named the “Amazon” and launched in May of 1861.  She ran aground at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia in 1867, and was rebuilt in 1872, and named the “Mary Celeste.”

She had been at sea for over a month, when the Dei Gratia had boarded this drifting vessel some 400 miles from the Azures in the Atlantic Ocean.  No Captain or crew were found aboard, and the cargo still in the hold.

All that was missing was one yawl lifeboat, the chronometer and sextant.  They must have been in a hurry to leave the ship; all their personal belonging’s remained onboard.  Had they feared the ship was sinking; one of its two pumps lay in pieces and the hold was 3½ feet deep with water.

Those on board:

Captain: Benjamin Spooner Briggs (American)

First Mate: Albert Richardson (American)

Second Mate: Andrew Gilling (Danish)

Steward and Cook: Edward Head (American)

Seaman: Volkert Lorenzen (German)

Seaman: Arian Martens (German)

Seaman: Boy Lorenzen (German)

Seaman: Gottlieb Goudeschaal (German)

Passenger: Sarah Elizabeth Briggs (Captain’s Wife)

Passenger: Sophia Matilda Briggs (Captain’s 2year old daughter)

According to an entry in the ship’s logbook made at 05.00am on the 25th November, she stopped at the island of St.Mary in the Azores.

The Dei Gratia crew sailed the Mary Celeste some 400 miles to Gibraltar, claiming salvage rights, of which they received one-sixth, based on the insurance of ship and cargo.

The question of foul play by the crew of the Dei Gratia had been considered, but no proof existed, according to the findings of the enquiry.

So What Happened To The Mary Celeste?

Had they been murdered by the crew of the Dei Gratia, who then claimed salvage rights?

As the ship’s hold filled with water, they took to the lifeboat fearing it was destined to sink?

Had there been a minor earthquake at sea, as the water’s bubbled, nine barrels of alcohol broke loose, leading to a minor explosion onboard.  Smoking embers filled the ship, and they took to the lifeboat, which was tied to ship.  The rope broke and they were parted from ship as it sailed away?

The captain’s wife, daughter and crew disappeared without trace … never to be heard from ever again.

The mystery of the Mary Celeste will continue to haunt our imagination…

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery


One of the mysteries to behold this planet of ours has to be the “Bermuda Triangle,” a freak of nature, located in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Running from Bermuda to Miami Florida, to San Juan Puerto Rico, covering an area close to 1½ million square miles.

Yet, myth or legend it does not stop ships and planes crossing over this site, an area noted for its high volume of commercial traffic.

The fabled Bermuda Triangle, has left us with many unanswered questions as to how ships and planes have disappeared over the years … lost never to be seen again.

I like others before me have my own thoughts, as to what and why they disappear.  For it is noted it is not every plane or ship that crosses through it, which makes one believe, the reason has to be a force of nature or some unknown and unseen force.

We all know, the sea can be deadly and yet a mysterious place, when bad weather and unreliable navigation are at fault.  On the other hand, we have missing planes, which adds another question … above and on sea level.

Some suggestions put forward relate to the possibility that compass readings are incorrect, and those anomalies change in relation to the earth’s magnetic pole.  If we look back in history, early mariners have stated that it is not uncommon for ones compass to go out of control, in different parts of the world.

The Gulf Stream is an ocean current, starting from the Gulf of Mexico, flowing through the Straits of Florida ending up in the North Atlantic, with a surface velocity of 2.5 metres per second.

Cyclones have been held responsible for many incidents in or close to the triangle.  Another possibility is , if we received a downdraft of cold air, wind speeds have been known to increase dramatically, and the sea would explode outwards, creating a squall line of wind and water.

Yet what it does not explain is how ships and planes can go missing without trace.

The only other option has to be a portal in space.  We know not much about space, but this would seem the most logical scenario, and wildest idea, but one never knows!

So let’s look at some of those known to have gone missing, as they crossed the Bermuda Triangle.

The USS Cyclops went missing on 4th March 1918, with the loss of her crew of 309.  The USS Proteus went missing in 1941, with a crew of 58.  The USS Nereus also went missing in 1941, with a crew of 61.  The three ships were all carrying large loads of metallic ore at the time of their disappearance.


On the 5th December 1945, “Flight 19” a training flight of five torpedo bombers disappeared over the north-Atlantic, with the loss of 14 airmen.  The rescue aircraft a “PBM Mariner” also disappeared with the loss of 13 airmen.

On the 30th January 1948 a “G-AHNP Star Tiger” passenger aircraft disappeared with the loss of 31 crew and passengers.

On the 17th January 1949 a “G-AGRE Star Tiger” passenger aircraft disappeared, with the loss of 20 crew and passengers.

On the 28th December 1948, a Douglas DC-3 disappeared with 32 on board.

On the 28th August 1963, two US Air Force KC-135 Stratotankers crashed together in mid-air, but only one aircrafts remnants could be found.

On the 4th February 1963, the SS Marine Sulphur Queen, with a cargo of 15,260 tons of sulphur disappeared with the loss of 39 crewmen.

On the 22nd December 1967, the Witchcraft cabin cruiser disappeared with all hands according to the Coast Guard.

It is a known fact, that the Coast Guard and the US Navy do not accept the fact that the area known as the “Bermuda Triangle,” as an area of specific hazard to ships and planes.

With all these ships and planes disappearing, there is definitely a question that needs to be answered.  What is causing these events, is it human error, or an act of nature?

What do you think?

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Record Breaker: Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Mary Earhart was born on 24th July 1897, in Atchison, Kansas to parents Samuel Edward Earhart, who was an alcoholic, and lost the family home through drink, and her mother Amelia Otis.  She had one sister, Grace Muriel Earhart.  Her grandfather was Alfred Otis (1827-1912) a former federal judge, and president of Atchison Savings Bank.

Up to the age of twelve, she was educated at home with her sister, then the family home was sold, and she entered mainstream schooling.  In 1912, her grandfather died, leaving his estate in trust for his daughter, Amelia’s mother.

Following a Christmas vacation in Toronto 1917, she trained as a nurse aid with the Red Cross and worked at Spadina Military Hospital.  She came down with pneumonia and sinus problems, when the Spanish Flu epidemic reached Toronto in 1918.

In 1918, Amelia attended an air-fair, where World War I ace was putting on a display.  As he swooped down close to her, she did not scamper like others in the crowd, and stood her ground.


Amelia with her Kinner Plane

Her life took a change in December 1920, when Frank Hawks Air Racer, gave her a ride…  Something clicked inside her, she knew she had to fly, it was her destiny.  By 1921, she had saved $1000 to pay for flying lessons.  Within six months purchased a second hand Kinner biplane, named it canary, because of its bright yellow colour, and set her first women’ record, by flying an altitude of 14,000 feet.

Following an interview with project co-ordinators including George P Putnam in 1928, she joined an expedition to fly across the Atlantic Ocean with Wilmer “Bill” Stultz (pilot) and Louis E “Slim” Gordon ( co-pilot and mechanic).  They left Trepassey Harbour, Newfoundland in a Fokker F7 on June 17 1928, and arrived at Burry Port, Wales 21 hours later.  Their landmark flight made headline news.  They received a parade in New York, attended a reception in their honour at The White House with President Calvin Coolridge.

From then on, Earhart’s life revolved around flying.  She came third in the Cleveland’s Women’s Air Derby.  As fate would have it, George Putnam became an important part of her life, and they were married on 7th February 1931.

Earhart and Putnam worked on plans for her to become the first woman and the second person to solo the Atlantic.  On 20th May 1932, she took off from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, destination Paris.  Unfortunately, mechanical problems plagued the flight, forcing her to land in Londonderry, Ireland.

News of her flight became headline news world-wide.  President Herbert Hoover awarded her a gold medal from the National Geographical Society, and Congress awarded her a Distinguished Flying Cross for her achievement.

In the years that followed, Earhart continued to break records, one after another…  On 11th January 1935, she flew solo across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu to Oakland, California.  Later that year, first to solo from Mexico City to Newark.

On 1st June 1937, Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan departed from Miami on a 29,000 mile round the world trip.  By June 29th when they landed in Lae, New Guinea, 7,000 miles had been completed.  The next hop was to Howland Island, some 2,556 miles, and they took off on 2nd July… but they never reached the Island, and were never heard from again.  In 1938, a lighthouse was built on Howland Island in her memory.

Despite an extensive search, nothing was found, after scouring 250,000 miles of ocean.

Many theories exist as to her fate.  The name Earhart will always be remembered, her name will go down in history, for her courage and achievements in her 40 years of life.

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Record Breaker: Donald Campbell


Bluebird K7

Donald Campbell was born on 23rd March 1921, in Kingston-upon-Thames, destined to break speed records much like his father.  Malcolm Campbell holder of thirteen speed records attained in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and mother Dorothy Evelyn nee Whittall.

Donald volunteered for the Royal Air Force at the outbreak of World War II, but was turned down on medical grounds.  He then became a maintenance engineer whilst employed at Briggs Motor Bodies of West Thurrock.

Malcolm Campbell, died in 1948, and with the assistance of his father’s chief engineer; Leo Villa.  Donald carried on his father’s work, breaking speed records.

Donald opted to use his father’s old boat, the legendary Bluebird K4, on Coniston Waters in Lancashire in 1951.  Sadly the bluebird suffered from structural failure at 170mph, and forced him to develop a revolutionary new boat, which would exceed this speed and more.

Bluebird K7 designed by Ken and Lew Norris was an all-metal jet propelled hydroplane, with a Metropolitan-Vickers Beryl jet engine.  She was unveiled in late 1954, and following modifications set a record speed of 202.15mph on Ullswater, Westmorland in the Lake District on 23rd July 1955.

Campbell set a total of seven world water speed records in the Bluebird K7, between 1955 and 1964, culminating on the 31st December 1964 at Dumbleyung Lake, Western Australia, where he reached a speed of 276.33mph.

He gained much acclaim for himself and his country, and was awarded a CBE in January 1957.

In 1956, Campbell began planning a car to break the land speed record, which currently stood at 394mph.  The Norris brothers designed the Bluebird-Proteus CN7, completed by spring of 1960, powered by a Bristol-Siddeley Proteus free-turbine engine. Following low speed tests at Goodwood circuit in England, he took the CN7 to the Bonneville Salt flats in America, where his first attempt failed, and he was seriously hurt in the accident.  By 1961 he was well on the road to recovery, planning his next attempt … nothing would stand in his way.

The rebuilt car was completed in 1962, his preferred location was Lake Eyre in Australia, but weather conditions meant the attempt did not take place until 1964, setting a record speed of 429mph.  Campbell was disappointed; he was looking for speeds closer to the 500mph.

Donald Campbell’s need for speed, called for a supersonic car, designed by the Norris Brothers, with the Bristol Siddeley BS605 rocket engines.

In order to increase publicity for his rocket car venture, in the spring of 1966, Campbell tried once again with the Bluebird K7, for a water speed record.  Fitted with the Bristol Orpheus engine, taken from a Folland Gnat jet aircraft.

On the 4th January 1967, the first run achieved an average speed of 297.60mph.  The next run reached a speed of 328mph.  Then the Bluebird executed a somersault, and cart wheeled across the water as the Bluebird K7 broke apart; Donald Campbell would have been killed instantly.  Royal Navy Divers, found Campbells teddy bear mascot and helmet, but after two weeks, the search for his body was called off.

The cause of the crash has been put down to the Bluebird K7 exceeding its aerodynamic static stability limit, complicated by the additional destabilizing influences of loss of engine thrust.


Donald Campbell

On 28th January 1967 Cambell was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct.  For his courage and determination in attacking the world speed record.

Between October 2000 and May 2001 the Bluebird K7 was raised from its watery grave, and Campbells body was found, still wearing his blue nylon overalls.

Donald Campbell was interred in Coniston Cemetery on 12th September 2001, after his coffin was carried down the lake, on a launch one last time.

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America 1963: John F Kennedy


On the 29th May 1917, John F Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, to parents Joseph and Rose Kennedy.

In August of 1943, as commander of Patrol Torpedo boat (PT-109), was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for his act of heroism.  PT-109 was struck by a Japanese destroyer, and despite serious injuries to himself, led the survivors through perilous waters to safety.

Following the Second World War, became a Democratic Congressman and advanced in 1953 to the Senate.

On the 12th September 1953, John F Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier, and were blessed with two children; Caroline (1957) and John (1961).

In 1955, wrote the book, “Profiles in Courage,” which won him the Pulitzer Prize in History.

On the 2nd January 1960, he announced his intention to run for President…  John F Kennedy, became the youngest man, and the first Roman Catholic President of the United States.  At his inaugural address to fellow American’s on the 20th January 1961, he asked of all American’s:  “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

 The Cold War was in full swing, when Kennedy assumed the post, as President, and Cuba declared its allegiance to the Soviet Union.  It looked as though World War Three was inevitable.  To break tensions, JFK ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion.

October 1962, a tense period of the Cold War.  For thirteen long days, the United States and Soviet Union faced off against each other, with the might of their missiles.

War was averted, missiles were withdrawn, diplomacy talks between Kennedy and Khrushchev led to peace.  How close they had come…

The Cuban Missile Crisis, saw Kennedy and diplomacy at its finest, he had averterd war, but his master’s the Illuminati, were not happy with the outcome.

The Illuminati expected JFK to invade Cuba, but he chose the route of diplomacy… He left them with na alternative, but to dispose of him, and replace him with another.  One who would do right by the Illuminati.

President John F Kennedy was assassinated around 12-30pm on the 22nd November 1963, as his motorcade drove slowly through the streets of Dallas, with his wife; Jacqueline at his side.  Streets full of smiling, waving crowds, were shocked, as shots rang out; Kennedy had been struck twice, once to the neck, the other to his head.  President Kennedy was pronounced dead, upon arrival at Hospital.

Within hours Lee Harvey Oswald, known to have Communist sympathies, a known Illuminist who had been recruited through New World Order Channels, for his time spent in the Soviet Union and Mexico, was arrested for the President’s murder.

Vice-President Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as the new President, some two hours after the assassination, on board “Air Force One.”

At a late-night press conference, Oswald denied killing Kennedy, claiming to be a patsy for the Illuminati.

Oswald, a former U.S. Marine, who had defected to the Soviet Union, returning to the United States with his Russian wife.  On the 24th November, Oswald was being moved to Dallas County Jail.  Anidst media and detectives, Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the stomach, claiming it as an impulse action to the President’s murder.

Unconsciously, the American people, felt Kennedy was their hero, he who would shield them from a dangerous world.  Their hero had been slain… and grief took hold.

“The greatest leader of our time had been struck down by the foulest deed of our time.”  By Lyndon B Johnson (US President – 27th November 1963.

 The actions taken by John F Kennedy, in his eyes, would see world peace.  That was a risk, one he was prepared to take, cross swords so to speak, with those who put him in power.

 The Cuban Missile Crisis, proved to be a big gain for U.S. diplomacy and the Kennedys, but a major blow to the Illuminati.

For the Illuminati, the Secret Society, this was a major loss to them.  A nuclear war, would see the creation of a single power.  Soviet Union eliminated by America, and a single economic power would remain; NATO.  Large parts of the world in ruins, and so steps in the Illuminati, who would re-design hardest hit countries, through banking and finance.  The world would be as one, a single Kennedy broke ranks with his masters, the illuminate who put him in a position of power.  He pursued peace, through talks with Khrushchev, in opposition to the will of Illuminati.  He believed peace in the world, was far more important than serving his satanic masters.  He prevented a nuclear war, and as a result paid for it with his life…

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Ireland’s Apparition: Lady of the Knock


Lady of the Knock Shrine

It is said, Mary McLoughin and Mary Beirne from the village of “Knock” in County Mayo, were to see an apparition on the 21st August 1879.

Close to the town’s church, they were to observe, the “Blessed Virgin Mary, St.Joseph and St.John the Evangelist, along with an altar, with a lamb and cross upon it, with several angels flying there about’s.”  Other’s seeing the bright light, investigated and a total of fifteen people witnessed this apparition.  Reports came in that people who visited “Knock Church” were being healed of their afflictions.  By the end of 1880, some 300 people had been cured, as recorded in the diary of the parish priest.

As the news spread across the land, thousands descended upon “Knock” with their sick.  Cures were happening every day, many disabled left their walking sticks and canes, walking away freely.  People grabbed plaster from the church walls as a memory.

Towards the latter part of 1880, a statue of “Our Lady of Knock” was erected, in the place of the apparition … and so it became a place of pilgrimage.

The Church carried out investigations of the apparitions at “Knock” in 1879 and 1936.  Witness statements left them in no doubt, that an apparition had taken place, and many have been healed, through faith.

Pope Pius XII blessed the Banner of Knock at St.Peter’s in 1945.

Pope John XXIII presented a special candle to “Knock” on Candlemas Day in 1960.

Pope Paul VI blessed the foundation stone for the Basilica of Our Lady, Queen of Ireland on the 6th June 1974.

Pope John Paul II made a personnel pilgrimage to the shrine on 30th September 1979.  He celebrated mass, and went on to establish the shrine as a “Basilica.”  He presented to the shrine a candle and golden rose, and then knelt before the apparition wall in prayer.

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Haunted: The Olde Ferry Boat Inn


Olde Ferry Boat Inn

The Olde Ferry Boat Inn at Holywell, close to the River Ouse in Cambridgeshire, reputed to be one of the oldest Inn’s still in use to this day, with its thatched roof, and its own resident, and friendly ghost.

As the legend goes, a fair maiden, one Juliet Tewsley, frequented the village some 950 years ago.  Believed to have been of a friendly nature too all, loved by the local inhabitants.

Whilst picking flowers in the local woods, spotted woodcutter, one Thomas Zoul, two years her senior, and she was smitten.  From that day forth, she undertook early morning vigils in the woods, watching and waiting to see her Thomas pass by, never daring to approach him.

Eventually plucking up courage, Juliet had picked a small collection of her favourite wild flowers, waiting for her Thomas to approach, as viewed from her hiding place.  As he came along the track she appeared to him, offering him her flowers whilst trembling, with fear and emotion, but in return Tom gazed at her and pushed her away, as he preferred a game of ninepins and a glass of ale, than our Juliet.

Having been rebuffed, she fell to the ground along with her flowers, and a broken heart, left to sob her heart out for many hours.  Unable to live without her Thomas, she took a length of hemp rope and at midnight on the 17th March 1050, she hung herself from a tree close by the river.

From that year forth, every 17th March, her ghost is said to return to the scene of her suicide.

The next morning her body was discovered, and the village mourned for her, sad that this young girl felt forced to take her own life.

Christian Law regarded suicide as a crime, at that time, and as so, her body was buried at the crossroads to the village, not in the graveyard, as ruled by the magistrates, close to the Ferry Boat Inn, marked by a single slab of granite.


Haunted – Ferry Boat Inn

Some years later the Inn was extended, permission was duly granted to build over the grave, so Juliet has now become a regular fixture of the Inn.  Her grave stone being the central point of the taproom floor; and in keeping, the whole floor is of small granite stones, surrounding a much larger grave stone.

Over the years this has been the site of many psychic investigators, joining the locals to view our Juliet, on her night of apparition. On the 17th March each year Juliet is said to rise from her grave, searching the area for her Thomas.  Many people have claimed to have seen the ghost, whilst bottles, glasses and cutlery are seen to move unaided.  Close to midnight she has been observed walking from the river to the restaurant, and never misses an anniversary of her death.

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