Natural Forces… Declares War


I heard it on the radio that the world was coming to an end.  The dark purplish clouds that had been forming in the sky were not adverse weather conditions, as we had been told, but clouds of meteors on a direct course with Earth.  I just could not believe the words I was hearing.  I switched from one news station to the other … it was true; the world was coming to an end as we knew.

I looked out from my window, there was much commotion, people were packing up, and heading out of town … but to where?

That night our world changed as the news reader had said it would.  On the edge of our town, we were treated to a colourful display of lights, but they weren’t any old lights, by morning small craters had formed close to the town.

The craters housed meteors, about the size of a cricket ball, and they glowed from the intense heat they gave off.  By late afternoon, hundreds more objects burst forth from the skyline, streaking across the tree-line, crashing into houses, shops, bridges and petrol stations, setting them ablaze.  Who would have believed something so small could do so much damage.

As darkness enveloped our town, once home to 25,000 people, more than half the buildings were ablaze, and still these deadly meteors kept on coming, like missiles on a pre-arranged course…  Was this natural or man-made I asked?

People looked for safety, from this natural enemy, destroying their home, and their way of life.

How many had survived, such blatant destruction, on such a scale.  Billions lay dead, countries wiped out.

Natural forces, in their own way, had declared was on planet Earth.

Our planet all but died over the next few months, surface temperatures rose to three hundred degrees and more, if that did not kill you, the radiation surely would, but it would be slow and agonizing.

The seas turned to ice.  What was once beach-side property disappeared under mounds of ice?  It was the start of a new ice- age, sending our planet back in time, to a period; pre-technology.


Frightened, yet determined to survive, we built our new homes below ground.  Four regional centres; Norpin, Gamelan, Cytherial and Magnellan colonies, each housed domed like structures, with inter-linking tunnels connecting them to a central dome, being the heart of life upon this planet.

Smaller domed structures have sprung up over the years surrounding the regional centres, used to provide homes for our ever-growing planets population.

The early colonists of the Gamelan region of our subterranean world, was where our farms were located, supplying much of the food we needed.  We had our own lighting source, from the moon orbiting our planet, as it breached cracks, and by breaking up rocks from old volcanoes.

We lacked manual knowledge so to speak, for we had relied heavily on technology to solve our problems.  Now we had to think like our ancestors did before us, how they would have solved a problem, by pooling ideas together, and experimenting.  We would learn, we would make mistakes, all in the name of survival.

Over the years the earth’s moon broke through the thick atmosphere surrounding our planet, and was known to breach the cracks and shine down upon our city, giving us hope!  I came to accept, that this was our Guardian Angel, looking over us, and protecting us in some way … letting us know life still exists.

I wonder what will happen to us, in the long term, will we create a new world?  Will we ever be able to live above ground again?

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