Who am I?


If someone suggested to you that you could have been an alien in some former life.  What would be your initial reply?

Sean Carver would be like most people, and burst out laughing at such an idea.  For he was a typical American; busy, sophisticated, and always in a rush.  He was a cocktail waiter at the Pacifica Heights Hotel in San Francisco.

If Sean ever had a dream, it was about being his own boss, and owning a wine bar, by the beach, but it was only a dream.

But his life was about to change, he sensed it in a dream, he believed he came from another world…he woke up all of a sweat, but something deep down inside him, felt it was true.

How could he tell anyone of his dream, they would surely believe he was loosing his mind.

So what happened to send his mind into believing he came from an alien race?  It had to be that crazy girl, he had seen at work; who kept saying she knew me from our home world.

Sean arrived home around 5.00am, then went for a light run along the beach, eventually coming to rest at one of the beach side benches.

He looked down the beach, towards the pier, and there standing at the base, that strange girl from last night stood still, gazing in his direction.

Sean felt forced to look in her direction.  So why was this girl staring at him?

She gave him the creeps.  Her long hair was almost white, and her eyes were deep blue and round, and her skin was white as death.

She walked slightly stiff-legged.  She had a pretty face, but her eyes looked hard.  Was she dangerous, or just crazy?  Since he had started working in San Francisco, he had witnessed many strange things, so a woman with white hair and bleached skin, could not be considered strange, when you see many others, with all manner of hairstyles and colours.

One moment she stood a matter of yards from him, then with a blink of an eye she was gone.

As he continued his gentle run, she deliberately came out from behind a palm tree, running straight into him, sending him flying to the ground.  She waited close by, as he picked himself up, and brushed off the loose sand.  There was no apology, but as he tried to leave, she grabbed hold of his arm.

“Who do you think you are?” Sean shouted, as he freed himself from her vice like grip.  Who an earth was she; the thought ran through his mind.

“Do you remember, who you are?” she shouted back, with those deep blue eyes of hers.

A shudder went through his body.  “Am I supposed to know you?”

“Do you remember?” she said again, as Sean stared at her.

“Lady you’re just crazy.”

She gave a dark low laugh.  As Sean moved away from her she called out.  “I miss you…it has been a long time.”  The look in her eyes went from ice to anguish, as tears welled up in her eyes.

He had a good memory, and was sure he didn’t know her, and became convinced in his own mind she had to be crazy.  Yet as he left her there, he found he just couldn’t get her out of his head.

Deflated and tired, Sean returned to his small, one-bed roomed sparsely furnished apartment, with its empty fridge, clothes piled in one corner, and surf boards in another.  As he sat there, his mind returned to the white-haired girl he had met at the beach.  She had ruined his day!  Why oh why, couldn’t he shake the memory of her from him.

Remembering those words she spoke.  “Do you remember who you are?”  She had asked him.  As he tumbled into bed.  Funny enough, he had often asked himself the same thing, but only when thinking about how much life had changed since working in San Francisco.  Some of the changes he liked, and others, well, that was what it took to succeed in his eyes.

Sean knew nothing before his tenth birthday, it was all blank to him.  He had been raised in a children’s home…could that be where she came from…then again I would remember her.

For the next few weeks since that dreaded encounter with that crazy girl, with white hair.  I would wake from those reoccurring dreams, soaked in sweat, with images of her again, and again…just what did it all mean.

I have tried so hard to remember, but still I have no memory of her.

I can’t go on like this, he said quietly to himself.  I have to find her…but where do I look.

Just how long would it be, before our paths crossed again?

What I didn’t know, was that their was a connection between her and the recent news story being shown world wide, and I would see her again shortly.

Two childhood friends: Qua and Rohad, stood in front of the portal on their home planet…their destination the city beneath the sea, on planet Earth.

“See you on the other side,” Rohad had said to Qua.

“We are coming up,” shouted Qua as they breached the water’s surface, of the Atlantic Ocean, amidst a rippling tide, some two miles from the coast, leaving behind all they had known.  “What has gone wrong, where are we,” shouted a distressed Qua.

“I have no idea,” replied Rohad.  “The water is imaginably cold, we must have taken a wrong turn.”

For the past few weeks, ever since the disappearance of that crazy girl with stark white hair, had crossed Sean Carver’s path, the news was full of it, every channel on the hour.

Scientists claimed this to be the most significant find of the century; in the Atlantic Ocean.

A sphere, some 250 feet in diameter, and two hundred fathoms down, set into the sea floor.  Images showed the cutting of a hatch to access the sphere…what followed was to surprise a universe.  A medieval city under the sea.  From outside it is small in comparison to that found within.

First impressions were of a self-contained home, with gang planks and walk ways constructed out of glass, and self-controlled by its own on board systems; leading to a city under the sea.

According to one scientist, they have only been able to access part of the city, the technology used to control access to other parts, is far beyond our understanding, and will take time, and require the help of our best scientists.  But what we have found out, crystal coloured rods are used to supply the city with power, much in the same way we use computers today.

Claire Hammond, on the scene interviewer, asked questions of one of the projects leading scientists: Kristina Clements.

Sean Carver could not believe his eyes, it was the same crazy girl who had been following him, and knocked him down on the beach.

“Kristina, how long has the sphere been down there?” asked Claire Hammond.

“It is too early to say, but our best guess at this time would be a thousand years or more, according to early tests.  We will have a more accurate time line, once exterior samples on the sphere have been carbon dated.

“Do you think this could be the lost city of Atlantis?”

“That’s a hard question to answer at the moment.”

Some 11,000 years ago, the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, was protected by Poseidon, God of the Sea.  Who created a dwelling for a mortal woman: Cleito, his love.

The island was later swallowed up by the sea in the form of retribution by Zeus, for their immorality.

“So what you are saying, it could be the lost city of Atlantis?”

“We don’t have conclusive proof yet.”

“So what happened to all the Atlanteans?”

“If we believe the mythical tales in times gone by, they left their city under the sea, and settled on our home planet.  Many of us now, could be direct descendants of those early settlers.”

It was at that moment as Sean gazed at the television, remembering her words to him.  “Do you remember who you are?”

Those dreams of mine, and the finding of the city under the sea, must be connected.  I must be a direct descendant of the Atlanteans!

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2 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Oh, I do have my “other” world from only child growing up. A fantasy world, my very own, which could not be invaded by others esp adults. It is filled with unique special and magical people, places and things all of my own design. 67 years old now, but my world is still there but now I travel and loose my self in novels and books as I step in and walk through the pages as a participant in the story. Enjoyed the read. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog.


    1. I grew up loving Science Fiction and remain addicted so. This post was trying to create a story of two lives. Slightly experimental, and there are other’s like that waiting to be posted…


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