Joan of Arc: Martyr or Witch

Joan of Arc… Burnt at the stake

Joan, this young peasant girl
born of humble stock
beleived, she be the answer
as English forces invaded France.

This young peasant girl, who loved
the teachings of the Catholic church,
believed God had spoken to her
and it was her duty, to save France.

She was laughed at, by her peers
yet, she believed in her words;
give me an army, and I will drive
these English infidels, from our lands.

Joan of Arc leading French soldiers

Joan led French armies into battle
dressed in white, carrying her banner,
her victories were wide spread
as her fame, spread across the land.

Upon her capture, her fate was sewn
dying the death, of a martyr
burned at the stake, as a witch
as she prayed for her accusers.

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