My Thoughts on Creativity

0000-poetry-guidesThe art of poetry as we have come to know it, is a form of expression, that has its history firmly rooted in the past.  For it is known to predate literacy and used to record history.

A poem is made up of a collection of words with stressed and unstressed syllables, some words offer meanings and creativeness, whilst others appear bland and cold.

We as poets try to pass over to the reader of our work, a meaning of what we are trying to say in the written word.  For each and every word, every line within the verse has its place.  For a poem arises from our soul; often calling upon memories from our past, with an insight which resonates with his or her audience.

We use our mind to create a poem with perspective, structure and a good choice of words as conveyed on each line.  We bring into play social, cultural attitudes and sometimes the news of the day.  Bring a depth of thought to follow through the words, gives a comparison, contrast and conclusions to the works.

The heart, there is nothing like it, for we use it to express emotions; from times of anger, happiness, sadness, fear and excitement.  One most important part of any poem is good observation finely tuned to life experiences.

The one thing we should always remember, when writing any poem; the first line should be designed to grab the attention of the reader, for it is a question, waiting to be answered.


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