Planetary Extinction

In the beginning, the universe was a swirling sea of black space…a nothingness existed.


It was imaginably cold.  Ice mountains floated in the nothingness. Frozen rocks tumbled through the darkness, collided and shattered.  Cold stars burned faintly.

The cosmic Gods formed the planet of Terra.  The race of humanoids who lived there, were born in their eyes, and known as the Zylons, an intelligent race.  They believed they were the true masters of the galaxy.

They offered protection to planets under their control, not with violence; but with fear.  It is rumoured Zylon warriors would land on new territory, with their prophet.  No planet, no race, no person, says no!  It is believed their population numbers in the trillions.

Thousands of years ago, the prophet of the Zylon race, fought to stop the scourge of the Hawks on their galaxy.

A great battle ensued, which lasted ten long years; cargo ship after cargo ship was attacked…planet after planet until the Zylons were pushed back to their homelands.

Even with their vast numbers of warriors, they were no match for the Hawks.  Squadrons of fighters attacked deep into the Zylon homelands…until they were no more!

Piracy and smuggling is believed to date back more than three thousand years, and first writings of it, come from the planet Earth.

The Hawks, a band of cut-throat pirates, dates back a thousand years or more.  The brave and dangerous pirates, cruised the depths of space, attacking without provocation; space-ships, cargo-ships, space-stations, and settlements in search of fame and fortune, among the underworld.

History tells of some planets, who hired them to represent them in their wars, with neighbouring planets.  The most popular form, was attacking their lifeline; enemy shipping.

Over the years, the Hawks, had grown in size, and amassed a fleet of 60+ ships committing acts of piracy and smuggling on a grand scale, that made them notorious throughout the galaxy.  Nobody!  Nobody! Was powerful enough to put a stop to their deeds.

Andretta Hawk, one of the original descendants of the Hawks, born on the planet Amazon, raised and trained to fight like any male Hawk, by the fearsome race of Amazon warriors, to carry on the family tradition.

Andretta first managed to capture the attentions of the Zylons, an old adversary not heard from for centuries, when she attacked one of their cargo ships, stealing their cargo, selling the crew into slavery, and killing the captain, at the age of eighteen.

1094She earned much respect for her actions that day, and the Hawks had a new figurehead.

One could argue that as long as goods have been transported through space, there had been pirates, but with the introduction of much larger cargo carriers, piracy had been on the increase.

With the young Adretta, proving her abilities amongst the Hawks, they plundered and pillaged their way across the galaxy, concentrating on major shipping lanes – easy pickings, in a time honoured tradition.

The Hawks had started out, as a band of pirates, but they had progressed from attacking ships to conquering planets…putting fear into smaller planets throughout the galaxy.  They had become the scourge of the galaxy…They were building their own empire in space.

The new breed of Zylons, who had once protected space by fear, were forced into a violent confrontation with their old enemies; The Hawks.

Their predecessors had taken on the Hawks many centuries ago, and were defeated.  Now the task had been laid before them, to rid the galaxy of these marauding pirates who had terrorised the galaxy, for as long as anyone could remember.

With 10,000 battle hardened warriors, the battle for the galaxy had begun.

Thousands of years ago, the Prophet Zylon fought to stop the encroachment of the Hawks, on what they believed was their galaxy, but lost.

A new breed of Zylons, wants revenge for their predecessors; battles rage on each and every world, their goal, the complete extermination of the Hawks and their descendants.

Desert covered almost all of the Grecian World.  I had made an existence here, in the desert wastelands of my world.

I knew the brutal sameness.  The endless hills of sand and rock.  The constant, tearing winds.  The biting emptiness.  I knew all of this because I was damned here for eternity, until the day of my calling.  In time, the end would come only after an eternity of exile.

It was a very sorry existence that I had been brought to.  An existence of weakness.  An existence all too similar to that of the few pitiable humans that also lived out here, among the desert dunes, waiting for a time when the Zylons would have need of our services once again.

By its very nature, this was an existence filled with everything that I abhorred.  But I was Zsaram.  Despite my sorry existence, I would never let myself die easily.  I would live on, for as long as I could.  No matter What.

Every ten years, a sand storm swept across the desert, tearing apart everything that it touched – people, buildings, even entire settlements.  Nothing was safe.

When I first experienced the storm, I stood out in the open and faced it, in all its glory and destruction, until I knew better.  Now I bury myself below ground, in the ruins of a dilapidated settlement, until the storm passes.

It was amazing to me, that the planets temple stood for hundreds of years, and in all that time, the sand storms caused no damage.

The great sand storms, were followed by a wake of small fires, attacking the smaller settlements, and some thirty days passed, leaving stillness over the planet … that was a sign it was safe to leave my place of sanctuary.

In modern warfare there are no rules of engagement.  There are no strategies.  No manoeuvring tactics.  No initial charge.  All these things have been removed.  Now there is only the lining up of thousands of Hawks, coming face to face with the Zylons on the desert.

My command, one of many, consisted of one-hundred thousand strong warriors, against an enemy of one hundred and twenty thousand battle hardened warriors.

The battle began at dawn, under the deep red sky of the Zylon home world.

The Hawks, an aggressive army, attacked our defences as soon as the lines had been formed.  Within minutes, hawk blood ran down my face, a feeling I had not experienced for many years.

The sand was awash with Zylon and Hawk blood, as the sands turned dark red in colour…the slaughter had begun.

The warmth of the battle, and blood gave me a sense of belonging.  A sense that had been too long absent from my existence.

However, it had been so long since I had been on the battlefield, I did not follow procedures.  Instead, a kind of madness took hold of me, and I killed every Hawk that crossed my path.

I have no idea how many died, hundreds or even thousands.  The madness caused all of the death to blur into one long haze.  When a Hawk warrior, touched me with his weapon, without breaking my skin, expecting me to surrender, I praised his actions, before I tore him apart … he didn’t know what hit him.

After three bloody days, the battle came to an end.  The Hawks had beaten us, as they did our predecessors centuries ago.  Thousands of us Zylon warriors had been herded into pen-like structures, awaiting our fate.

Such had been our discipline that only ten thousand of us remained, some preferred to commit suicide than be taken prisoner by the Hawks … this had been part of Zylon teachings…we fought to the death.

“I own you!” shrieked the Hawk commander, looking straight at me.  “You will serve me!”

My jaw tightened, I questioned whether it would have been better to die by my own hand or theirs.  “No one owns me completely.”

“Wrong, Zylon!  You are mine…the spoils of war.”

“Death is much preferred, than serve the Hawk scum you are.”

The Hawk commander shrieked out in anger, and drove his thermal lance into prisoners either side of me.  “You may not have much respect for us, but your stubbornness, could see all your fellow warriors killed.”

Blood splashed everywhere.  “You will obey me Zylon!  Yes?  This is how things are…You are my prisoner…You are mine to control…You will serve me!”

“Serve, and obey the Hawk scum,” enraged the Zylon warrior…you could see it in his eyes, as his face turned bright red with anger.  “I may be your prisoner, but no one, no one controls me.”

The order was given, and three prisoners were dragged some hundred metres, and Hawk warriors tore their bodies apart limb by limb, amidst the screams of anger.

“Is that what you want for your men, to be torn apart one by one… I promise you this, you will be the last.”

I growled low in my throat.  “I submit myself and my fellow warriors to yourself, my lord,” bowing down on one knee, in proper response.  But deep down inside, it was better to live, for one day my time will come, and see revenge on the Hawks.

“That’s better, you will learn to obey your new masters!”

As I gazed at the Zylon palace and temple, Hawks tore down the towers, and walls, setting fire to anything that would burn.  The fires burned for six whole days, until not a building stood standing on this planet.

I knew the Zylon high command would not take such destruction lying down…they would come after the hawks with an army, the like of which the galaxy hadn’t seen.  No one destroys their temples and palaces, kills their priests, without some form of retaliation.  I don’t know how many escaped?

The flatlands:  Smooth, endless burning.  The hottest place on this world.  The driest place on this world.  The deadliest place on this world.  The only feature was flattened rock, savagely burnt, extending all the way to the horizon.

While the deserts of my world were dangerous, and could wear you down until you die…you learnt to survive.

Word of the Zylon attack spread across the galaxy like wildfire to the Zylon home world, which sent ripples of descent through the ranks, all the way up to the high council, for they believed they were unconquerable.

Thousands upon thousands, of their warrior slaves had been killed in battle.

The Zylon desire to rid the galaxy of Hawk pirates, came to a head, when scientists designed a genetic airborne disease, which travelled from planet to planet, targeting their genetic coding; destroying the Hawks and their descendants on mass.

A war that had lasted centuries between the Zylons and Hawks, could be resolved in a matter of years.  It didn’t seem possible, but it was!

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