Reign of Terror


Within recent years, we have come to appreciate the astonishing feats achieved by our ancestors, and how their advances in science led to space age travel.

What they believed to be a new future for our world was to lead to a Great Invasion of planet Earth by an alien force.  Our great cities; destroyed.  Civilisation; forced underground.  Man; hunted like a wild animal.


For thousands of years, man tore our planet apart with their great destructive wars.  With no more to fight for, they turned their heads upwards gazing into the solar system, “asking what lay beyond?”

Captain Jamie Straker: a rough and ready looking individual, more suited to the battlefield, commanded the Genesis: Excelsior.  His brief was to find out what lay on the planet of Uranus.

The ship glided quietly through space, and it was not long before they reached the planet of Uranus, encircled by a deep mist.  Lying under the mist that protected them from the sun, they observed low rolling plains and wide valleys, and marvelled at the great cities of gold that were in evidence to the north and south.

Intelligent looking creatures greeted us and made us welcome on their planet.  These spider looking creatures were called Ranush.

It was not until we understood the dialect of their language, could we communicate with them, telling whence we had travelled from.

Thinking they be friends, one of the crew stated, our home planet housed billions of people.

It was not long before the crew found themselves prisoners.  For it was here, they stumbled on the true nature of the Ranush; they were a race of Barbarians, who eat and kill each other to survive.

The Ranush demanded to know the location of planet Earth, but none would reveal it.

Thirty of us entered the dungeons, four weeks later; only eighteen of us were still alive, the guards had consumed twelve.

Time after time, we tried to escape, but it was futile.

One day, the twelve strongest attempted an escape.

Straker and his companions fought their way across the planet, heading closer and closer to their spacecraft.  By the time, they reached their craft only eight remained alive.

The great bullet-shaped craft sped across the vast emptiness of space and at last landed upon the Earth.  Straker, was the only survivor; some had died from their wounds, other’s from a strange disease that they had caught from the Ranush.

Straker, barely alive, lived long enough to tell his story.

Faced with this oncoming attack by an alien race, the world only had enough time for limited defensive measures.  Survival seemed the word of the day.

News Bulletins; were broadcast on every channel, every station, every country, warning of the incoming dangers.  It could be a week, a month, or more, but it is definitely coming our way.

Countries joined to retaliate with the might of their arsenals, against this intruder of planet Earth.  Every man, woman and child, would have to fight for their own existence.

I remember that night well, when creatures from outer space, landed at our town of Rushville, nothing more than a desert town, some 150 miles from Denver, with only 89 inhabitants.  Temperature was high in the eighties, your shirt sticking to your back, and the moon glowing over the desert, as far as the eye could see.

As far as I can remember, that was late evening on the last Sunday in July, in the year 2015.  I can remember those events, clear as though it was only yesterday.

Matt hollered out.  “What on earth was that?”  Glancing around the bar, expecting somebody to reply, as the ground hollered below them.

The barman, clambered to his feet, and gazed towards the window, ablaze in light.

“That must have been an earthquake, or something?” he ventured to suggest.

I slipped off my stool, and casually strolled across to the now illuminated windows.  The cause of the turbulence had caused a mini sandstorm, from the parking lot opposite heading down the main street.

“Whatever it was,” someone in the back of the bar announced, “we have no power now!”

Shielding my eyes from the bright light, I saw what had caused the power failure, not a matter of downed power lines; some sort of flying object.

The shaking stopped, and the lights shuddered back into action.

“Shouldn’t somebody go outside and see what caused it?” Jake suggested, but no reply came back.

Matt slipped out the door without a word.  The first we knew about it, was when he put his hand up in acknowledgement.

“Hope he keeps his heads down,” commented Sean.

Matt crossed the street, where an alien looking craft had landed.

Just as Matt reached the craft, a ramp towards the rear, crashed down on the dirt, making a large noise, and out popped a spider looking creature.

Matt turned, facing us, and waved us on.  “Come on out, it looks harmless, it looks more scared of us, than we are of it,” he yelled.

“You think it is safe then, Matt?” asked Sean.

Matt, just shrugged his shoulders, in reply.

These spider looking creatures, who have landed here from another planet, are supposed to be dangerous according to the daily News Bulletins.

Sean strode out of the door.  As he headed out and moved  towards the lot, two more spider like creatures appeared and moved across, to greet him.

“They must be able to read our minds or thoughts,” Sean thought to himself.

I could see the situation getting get out of control, and thought we should tell the law.

I tried the phones, nothing just static on the line, it was at this time, I realised we were isolated.

“I am going out the back, and through your storeroom, over to the sheriff’s office,” I said to Mac the Barman, who just nodded in agreement.

I slipped behind the counter, through the storeroom, and then out the back door, over the fence by the trashcans.

As I reached over the fence, three more of those creatures were in the rear alley, making a high-pitched whistling sound; it just went right through you, just like a howling wind.

These spider like creatures, with four tentacle styled arms, were about six to seven feet in height, and glided across the ground, in a floating motion.

Looking into the creatures head, you saw nothing, just blackness, an ever-ending effect, with holes for its eyes and mouth.  What they were made of, we never found out.

If you got too close, they flutter out their arms in defence, dropping a wing-like shield.

The confrontation with this alien form, lasted only moments, before it moved away, heading in the direction of the sheriff’s office, as Matt was heard sprinting down the alley towards them.

Sean, who had followed up behind Matt, slightly out of breath, confirmed Matt’s thoughts that they can indeed read our minds.

“Do you really believe that, why?” asked Danny.

“Well, for one thing, they knew you were coming out of the alleyway, heading to the sheriff’s office,” quoted Matt.

Sean gave one of his renowned shrugs.

“What do you think their intentions are?”  Danny asked.

They gazed at each other, no one speaking, as the rear door to the bar flung open.  “Are any of those creatures out here,” asked Jake.

“They were, but when they heard Matt and Sean coming down the alleyway, they moved off, heading in the direction of the sheriff’s office,” replied Danny.

“That will please Carl or the creatures,” suggested Jake.

The creatures did not do anything more that night, just moved around the town.

Three or four days had passed, and still these creatures hung around our town.

As Matt, Sean and myself, sat out on the sidewalk, beer in hand watching the aliens, it became obvious to us, their actions, and movement were slowing down.

“Danny, do you see what I see,” suggested Matt.

“Sure do, these creatures, are slowing down,” replied Danny.

“If you watch their actions, there is a cautious mannerism, coming through, but why now, something must be about to happen?” suggested Sean.

With all the telephones dead, and roads out of town closed, they had us where they wanted us.  We would never have found that out, if it had not been for the daily bus, unable to get into the town.  The perimeter of the town had an invisible barrier surrounding it.  Was it to keep us in, or something else out?

Wherever we turned, our exit out of the town was blocked.  This alien race had taken us prisoner in our hometown.

With nowhere to run, all answers to their purpose lay aboard their craft.  We backtracked to the alien craft, to find even more of them now standing guard by the ramp.  As we approached, they glided back up the ramp.

“Let’s get out of here,” shouted Matt.  “I have got a bad feeling about this.”

Come dark, the ship was silent, as the alien creatures paraded around the streets.  Matt and Sean crept up into the hold, while I stood lookout by the side of the ship.

Time stood still, my heart ever racing, waiting, and watching for my compatriots, when suddenly they raced out of the ship, their faces were stone white, with fear.

“Well, what did you find?” I asked, once we had retreated to the safety of the bar.

Sean’s hands were shaking, as he tried to take a drink.

“You are scaring me,” I replied.

“You would say, the town is devoid of people at the moment, compared with normal times?” asked Matt.

“Well, yeah.”

“That is because the hold of that ship contains hanging body bags of our people.”

“Are they alive?”

“I did not stay long enough to find out,” replied Sean.

“Remember those broadcasts, warning us of danger from alien invaders,” stated Jake.  “It looks as though their intention is abduction, but to what ends?”

Matt, gazed around the bar, looking into the eyes of those close by.  “We have no option but to kill them all, and destroy their ship.  Our aim, being the survival of our race.  It is either them or us.”

We waited for night to come.  There was me, Carl, Matt, Sean, and Mac; Carl was carrying a rifle along with Matt and Sean, while Mac and I carried shotguns.

Right on cue, they appeared and we started firing at them.  We moved forward as one mass, firing and clearing, firing and clearing.  These alien creatures never knew what hit them.  They just folded up and fell to the ground, some inside the ship, and some outside, others on the ramp.  When they were all down, Carl went up to each one and put a couple of bullets into its head from his handgun.

We checked over the ship, and removed any of the townsfolk discovered.   A further four were found in the hold, and we filled them full of lead like the rest.

When the sun rose the following morning, our act of destruction, was clear to see.  We placed all the alien creatures upon their ship, and doused the whole thing in gasoline.  Then we tossed a match into it.  It burned quietly, for three whole days and nights; a cloud of black smoke, rose 200 feet into the air.

Nobody spoke of the events again.  Who would believe us?  Where was the proof?

What happened those few days in our town of Rushville, was to haunt me for years to come.  Was our planet, facing extinction by an alien race?

The Ranush, entered Earth’s atmosphere by way of a black hole.  They arrived in their thousands spewing out ionized gasses into the blackness of space.  Battle cruisers roamed the perimeter of the fleet, housing short-range fighters; whilst the main fleet consisted of cargo vessels holding thousands of warriors.

After seven moons had passed, each side blasting away at each other; the Ranush dive bombed the planet by their thousands, one wave after another, with their short range fighters, destroying buildings until all that remained of the human race lay dead, dying or maimed.  Their losses were minimal, for Earth faced an enemy with firepower, far exceeding their own.

Within twenty moons, the Ranush warriors had fought hand to hand with the human race.  Capturing some three billion prisoners and executing as many.  Thousands had fled for safety in new cities being built below ground.

A central dome consisting of inter-locking pre-fabricated steel sections with an inner and outer wall with a common walkway between the two, along with thousands of additional walkways had been built, all leading to large groups of interlocking housing domes.  Each glazed in high-density aluminium sheeting.  A series of trusses supports the main dome, outlying domes and walkways, and power conduits running through the construction.  All in all, we had built our own city underground.

Whilst the Ranush had the planets surface, we humans laboured below, extending our city of life further and further; with millions of intricate honeycombed passages.

Food was in short supply, with limited underground food farms.  Warriors were selected to hunt on the surface for livestock.  This became a game of cat and mouse with the Ranush.

Our technology saved us from extinction itself; for we had the ability and scientific minds to create synthetic foods.

Man, lived like an animal, in their underground cities.  For it had been twenty years since many of us had seen daylight, and breathed fresh air.

The Barbarian spiders like creatures known as the Ranush, came from planet Uranus, and now rule planet Earth.  We are no more than animals surviving below ground, just as they were on their home planet.

What future remains for the human race, as we know it!

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