Short Fiction: Temptation


Mark Edwards knew his time had come, when the gun went off, and the burning feeling spread through his body.

The image, the last he would see, was of his wife Evelyn standing over him with a smoking pistol in hand, gradually becoming hazy and surrounded in a black mist.  He slipped in and out of consciousness, until his life was finally taken from him.

She kneeled down beside him, “sorry Mark, that it had come to this, I just couldn’t stand by and let you divorce me, and go off with your tart of a secretary.”

The last thing I remember; was reaching out and grabbing the pendant that hung around Evelyn’s neck.

Seconds later my body being dropped into the central foundation hole of the building, and cement being poured on top of me,

I had been tempted, and paid for it with my life.

Your thoughts… likes… shares most welcomed.

(Image) Secretary: DreamCatCheuse-Deviantart


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