The Grim Reaper


Lucy met death
when she was twelve,
the first time she saw him
was at her mother’s bedside.

Her mother stirred
as a tall figure
appeared at her bedside,
and just grinned at her.

Please, don’t take her
please don’t take my mother,
for she will be so angry
if I stood by and let her go.

We all die, at some point
so don’t be sad, little one
it is written in the sands
her time of passing had come.

He leaned over mother
close up to her face
his fingers moved close
as his shadow covered her.

what can I do
what should I do,
not much little one.

I don’t want her to die
for she is so young,
he gazed at her… ten years
not knowing, I mumbled yes.

Ten years to the day
my mother died,
as death arrived at the door
coming to collect his dues.

You intend to take
my life do you?
no, you will be my bride
he grinned with delight.

She looked into those
deadly black eyes
as fear reached inside
each and every part of her.

Abyss Wallpaper Image


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