Wallpaper 75

Gather up primroses and snowdrops
from banks above the creek,
muddy boots, snap dead twigs
creek; swollen with rain.

Memories of a long winter
left desolate and grey,
dark trees upon river’s edge
thick moss, upon the quay.

Wash hands in the creek
soaked from the spray,
fishes jump and dive
as birds, let out a scream.

The tide was ebbing
water oozing away,
for the stream ended
trickling into the creek.

Wallpaper Image


4 thoughts on “Springtime…”

  1. Hi there, Roger! Beautiful prose! You have an amazing variety of posts. Wonderful, even ballet, that is dear to my ballet heart! Also, so many posts that I must read here! Later this evening. K D 🙂


    1. Glad you liked springtime, had a few doubts about it, tried putting words to an image… Sometimes I find the words fall into place and other times not so good, but I love experimenting.


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