Lost Civilisation…

Underwater Dome

Mathew, had just fallen asleep when the pounding on the door begun.  At one o’clock in the morning, he knew it could only be one person.

Mathew’s brother Graham questioned him as he barged past him, and through the open apartment door.  “Don’t you ever answer your phone or read your e-mails?”

Being half asleep, Mathew let the rebuke go.

“Morning Mathew.”

“What?  Oh, yes-sorry.”  Graham made a half hearted apology for his rudeness.  “Goodness Mathew, you do look awful.  Are you ill or something?”

“No just tired.  So what’s so important that you have to drag me out of bed in the middle of the night?”  Mathew stifled a yawn and stretched away some of the sleep remaining nestled in his body.

“This,” Graham said, slapping a large folder against his chest.  “Look at it, then we will talk.”

Mathew took the folder and flicked through the pages, as he did so, much of his tiredness fell away,.  He said nothing, occasionally glanced at his brother Graham, from time to time, as he read the detailed document.  Suddenly, he tossed the folder on an empty chair, and began rifling through the mass of papers that littered his study.  Finally he found what he was looking  for, as his eyes lit up.  A set of computer print-out’s that were nearly identical to those of his brother.

“Snap!” he cried out, waving his own set of figures in the air.  “I have just had four sleepless nights trying to work out, what all these figures mean.”  Mathew was well awake by now, and shared his brother’s obvious excitement.  “Your figures are similar but not identical.  What we need to do now, is get your figures entered on my computer as well.”

“I can do better than that,” as Graham produced a DVD data disk.  “This should save us about ten hours of laborious typing.”

“Great,” proclaimed a relieved Mathew.  “You can load it up while I throw on some clothes, and organise an injection of caffeine.”

Graham cleared a space on Mathew’s desk, pushing all the papers into one stack in the far corner, and loaded the data on to the computer.  Then proceeded to display both sets of figures, side by side on twin screens.

Mathew returned, dressed in an old black and grey tracksuit, carrying two mugs of steaming black and sweet coffee.

“Our figures are very similar,” stated Graham, unable to hide his excitement, as he supped at his coffee.

“So I see,” Mathew stated, looking over Graham’s shoulder.  “But what does it mean?”

“It can mean only one thing, a major astronomical event is set to take place very soon.” Graham was taken aback that his brother had not realised the significance of the find.

Mathew sipped away at his coffee, and pinched away the tiredness that was seeping back into his eyes.  Graham’s enthusiasm and excitement had become quite infectious; but ninety-six hours without sleep, took some shaking off.

“Yes, I agree with you on that,” Mathew replied.  “But what do you think is likely to happen?”

The bubble of Graham’s eagerness began to sink slowly back to Earth.  “I just do not know, but it must be something spectacular,” he sighed in response.  “These figures spell it out.”

Mathew drank more coffee.  “What we could do with right now , is big brother Daniel.”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you, he is on his way, rang him on my way over,” stated Graham.  “He was still at the Scientific Space and Development Centre, and promised he would call in on his way home…spoke about working late, on some special project.”

Mathew smiled in response, as the two scientists studied the array of figures, they both had that thought.  “Do you think this could be?”  Mathew’s words faded away to nothing.

Graham did not speak, but his gape an uncommon expression for an eminent professor, answered the question.

Their thoughts were disrupted by the knock at the door.  “Finally.”  Mathew moved slowly, trying to assimilate the implications of what may or may not be about to happen.  As he opened the door, Professor Daniel King, stood in the doorway, large as life.

“So what’s so important that I have to drive forty kilometres out of my way home, in this torrential rain?” barging his way past Mathew.

”What we are faced with, is two sets of figures nearly identical from two completely different areas of space – how can that be, unless when matched they equal something?”  asked Mathew.  “What we conclude, an important event or discovery is due to take place, soon.”

“Do any of the figures match?” asks Daniel with much interest as he removes his cloak, and acknowledges his brother Graham.

“Some do,” Graham replies.

“Extrapolate the data,” Daniel orders.

Graham obeys his brother, running his fingers across the keyboard, within minutes new sets of figures appear on the screen.

“They be longitude and latitude readings,” injected Mathew, as he pushed past, and entered a series of command lines, showing where these figures relate to.

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle Map

The right hand screen, displayed the Bermuda Triangle: stretching from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Bermuda, and then to Miami, Florida.  Believed to be some 14,000 square miles in size, and considered by many as the deadliest waters known to man, as each man looked on.

“Some have suggested over the years that it could be the resting place of Atlantis; myth or fact.” Mathew suggested.  “Or even an access point, to another world?”

“You boy’s have done good, but we need more answers.”  As Daniel moved forward, taking a seat in front of the computer; highlighting the figures and detailed map, proceeded to send a copy by e-mail to his own computer at the Scientific Space and Development Centre.  “I have got access to more information there, and can check with other centres around the world for any unusual data, matching these figures.”

“You will let us know, what you find,” asked Mathew.

“Sure, sure,” Daniel replied, making his way out of the door.

One cold morning , a few months later, Mathew woke to the constant sound of ringing in his ears; slowly groping around until his hand fell upon the phone.  Picking it up, a voice he recognised as that of brother Graham, shouted down the phone in a state of hysteria.  “Turn on channel 25, and see what is on the news, and hurry!”

Moments later the news station channel 25, was telling of a discovery off the Florida Keys.  The Electra aeroplane had been, discovered this day, 12th October 2002, some sixty-five years after it took off with its pilot: Adele Dryden.

According to the flight log, the Electra left Florida, bound for Puerto Rico in 1937, on the first leg of its journey passing through the Bermuda Triangle.  She never reached her destination, both plane, and pilot have been missing.

What stunned Mathew, Graham and millions of television viewers, was that the pilot had not aged; she appeared to be in her mid-thirties.

“For years, any a ship or plane that passed through the Bermuda Triangle, had disappeared without trace.  Now in recent times some of these, have started re-appearing with their crews.  With the help of Professor Daniel King here, of the Scientific Space and Development Centre.  Co-ordinates discovered in space, has led to a major discovery; a seamless sphere some forty-five metres in diameter, at a depth of seventy fathoms, encrusted with a dense covering of sea creatures on the sea bed,” stated the news reporter.

“He stole that information,” shouted Mathew down the phone line.  “He ripped us off; he could never have found it, without us.”

Underwater Station 2

Some two weeks later, divers and deep sea submersibles accessed the sphere, as millions watched the event broadcast live on television around the world.  First impressions, it must have laid down there for thousands of years, according to its outer decayed condition.

Camera’s recorded the first moments, as diver’s cleared away a thick encrustation of sea creatures, to clear a hatch way, to cut access into the sphere.  It was at this point, they detected the sphere, was not constructed from metal, as light burst forth from within.  The waters were being kept back by some form of force-field.

The first divers to walk through the force—field, were amazed that no water seeped in…but what they found within was to amaze the world.

Underwater Station

Inside they found a self-contained space-station with gangplanks and walkways constructed out of glass, and self controlled by its onboard systems.  Deep within the sphere, another watery force-field glowed, through which they found the remains of a medieval city.  Could it be Atlantis?

Legend has it: Some 11,000 years ago, there existed the island of Atlantis, located in the Atlantic Ocean, and protected by Poseidon, God of the Sea.  Who it is, believed, created a dwelling for a mortal woman; Cleito, and fell in love with her.  She lived in the centre of the island, and he protected her using rings of water.

Zeus, watched the immorality of the Atlanteans, with utter disgust.  Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea, in a form of retribution.

So what is the connection between the sphere and the disappearance and re-appearance of planes and boats within the Bermuda Triangle?

Is it a holding station, or stepping stone to another world?

Could this be the lost city of Atlantis, protected by the Bermuda Triangle?

This and many other theories as to the Bermuda Triangle, are likely to remain a mystery, waiting to be solved.

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