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History and the art of writing is in my blood… it runs through my veins. As someone said, if you can easily pick up a pen or pencil, and write with ease you should continue your passion…

As I have got older my life has changed, I am addicted to history, which is where this site comes in, for it is my intention to write about the history of writing – historical crimes – historical events – poetry – fiction writing – lives of classic writers, poets and philosophers.

History of Writing:  Early cave man would draw basic images of animals and shapes depicting their history in one form or another.  Move on a few centuries and hieroglyphic styles would come in to use, and move on a bit further through time, and the Romans would have invented an ink pen made from reeds…

The aim is to discover writing, whence it came from, and those who played their part in its creation. How the alphabet and numbers evolved.  How man first discovered a means of printing and the tools used.  As we move through time, we will see our evolution from the past, until we finally reach the modern day, and the computer world.