Under Attack…


Run for your lives
and take cover,
machines are attacking
from all directions.

My toaster came at me
firing toast at me,
as I fought it off
tossing it out, the window.

What will attack us next
as the rules are changed,
we the inventors, are its prey
we now fear, our own creations.

Earth’s Destruction


A comet observed in space
on a pre-ordained course,
is knocked off course
smashing into a dead planet.

Rain clouds of meteors
from the dead planet,
are sent hurtling through space
smashing into the sun.

Earth; once a living planet
temperatures keep on rising,
man forced to live inside
waiting for recovery.

Factory Closure


The factory is all but still
no orders to be dispatched,
those on the picket line
will be the death of us all.

Lorries and trucks
turned away from the gates,
no admittance for deliveries
no supplies, as we run short.

We all want a good wage
we all agree with that,
but any job is better
than no job at all.

The union man comes out
his face said it all,
they won’t negotiate
so its dole queue, for you.

Left without trace…


I remember your blonde hair
tied back with coloured beads,
when you walked out on me
that hot summer’s day.

I always expected
you would return,
for I was waiting
with arms open wide.

I searched for you
high and low,
you just vanished
leaving no trace.

As the years passed by
and you did not return,
I knew in my heart
I would live alone.

My focus in life
had all but gone,
the day you walked out
without saying good-bye.

Quiet Times…

St.Mary the Virgin Church - Rye - Sussex

I walked the path
other’s trod before me,
crossing the threshold
into peace and traquility.

Daylight broke through
small patterned windows,
depictiong forgotten history
of this wonderful building.

Monuments and tablets
adorn these walls,
those to be remembered
not forgotten by time.

Triangle Mysteries

Bermuda Triangle

We are entering white water
but nothing seems right,
we know not, where we are
the water is green and white.

Science does not have the answer
why ships and planes, behave strangely
why some, and not others
just vanish without trace.

Could we be entering a portal
that would project us into space,
sending us to a new world
and a new life, in space.

Could it be the chosen road
for some, but not others
or nature stepping in
protecting those in danger.

To the death…

NPG D1306; The execution of King Charles I after Unknown artist

Public Execution of King Charles I

Charles, opposed the English Parliament
taking for himself, a catholic Queen,
believing he had absolute power
over Parliament and people.

King and Parliament, always at odds
resulting in English Civil War,
opposing forces, scarred this land
times of peace, a forgotten time.

Charles brought to trial
charged with treason, against England,
he believed he had absolute power
Parliament, believed he was to serve.

Charles was found guilty
of the charges, laid against him,
and received the ultimate sentence
off with his head.


National Portrait Gallery Image