Cleopatra VII: Mistress Of Rome!!

Unprecedented Cult

Greek and Royal
Ancient Egypt rulers,
Hellenistic times

Last Pharaoh
Young and beautiful,
Isis in Venus’ throne

Youngest Ptolemy
Rome’s colony

Cunning and Shrewd,
Ptolemy the scapegoat
Lust of throne,
Mistress to Rome

Caesar assasinated,
Caesarion, the child
Charmed Antonius,
Her reign alive

Egypt and Cyprus,
Under siege
Octavius raged,
Second Triumvirate ceased

Roman Senate,
Declared war
Battle of Actium,
They lost

Nowhere to run,
Antonius died
Afraid of captivity,
Took her life

Cleopatra was the last ruler of Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. Though married to Ptolemy XIV, her younger brother, she charmed Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to safeguard her throne on Egypt, a then province under Roman Republic.

She allied with Antony whom she also married, but lost the battle of Actium against Octavius, Antony’s former aide and nephew of Caesar. Octavius was critical of Antony’s actions and his inclination towards Cleopatra. Post the…

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Hunger & Poverty

victorian poor

Who would have believed
in the early part of this century,
poverty and hunger would strike
this country, with such vengeance.

We who were on track
to eradicate hunger and poverty,
a lifestyle associated with our past
would be responsible for its return.

January by Edlittle

With winter making its appearance
and temperatures plummeting,
trying to stay warm, has a cost
what a choice; food or warmth.

Families with children, and our elderly
come face to face with hardship,
with high energy bills and low income
as hunger and poverty strikes again.


Young Love


A voice washed over her
drowning out her senses,
swamping her brain
with exhileration and fear.

Wild passion surged through her
she thought her heart, would burst
as words flowed over her
her strength, drained with each word.

A pale lost face, overwhelmed
with love drenched eyes,
struggling against the hypnotic voice
it was just too much, to bear.

She surrendered her resistance
floating on a sea of words,
the voice caressed her
her free will, floating away.



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Under the clear skies with pearls of white words,
I knit my word into my emotion, repeat the process
brush, brush, and blink, blink.
Taking the ecstasy onto my teeth, I feel the caress of my saddest lines,
put it on my fragile white shoulder,
then cut my words and swallow the ink,
this is how I started Poetry.

With a blank space between my fingers,
with a crooked faith,
my breast was swollen with fire, the unflinching desire
thumping my murky pen, producing a river of composed mind,
producing the glitters of fairy dust
this is how I started Poetry.

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My skin has another skin


Image result for sad paintings image credits- SuzanNeellis

I am anxious like the painting of Mona Lisa

Curated with my own jitters,

There is a platter of loss, rumbling loud inside

where the web of splinters corrode my skin

And you may see my second skin,

for pain is the language of skin.

The mouth of a cave is that invincible spot of the moon

so, the mouth resides inside my blood.

Where the droolings of grey skies touch my bare shoulder

screeching. ( the inside is the rupture of seeds, with no desire of flowers)

Total Darkness. Cold distilled blue.

Yet, the poetry of inside soul speaks an

array of hopeful rainbows.

© My Valiant Soul

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Days of Sadness


When Sandy died
I felt so down,
my soul had been ripped
from out of my body.

Why did she die
doctors say she collapsed,
her body burned out
we would never talk again.

Clothes in her wardrobe
clothes in her cabinet,
hair brush and perfume
all neatly lined up.

I get up each day
waiting for life’s end,
knowing she is waiting
to be together, once again.


Cathedral Memories


I walked the path
other’s trod before me,
crossing the threshold
into peace and tranquility.


Daylight broke through
stained glass windows,
depicting historical images
the life of this building.

St.Mary the Virgin Church - Rye - Sussex

Monuments and tablets
adorn these walls,
those to be remembered
not forgotten by time.