Creature Comforts


He kindly took me in
when I had nowhere to go,
for I had been driven out
by the family dog.

He gave me shelter
when it rained,
he gave me warmth
when it was cold.

He shared his salmon
when I was hungry,
he gave me milk
when I was thirsty.

I would sit upon his lap
and he fed me chicken,
as he ate ice-cream
I would lick the carton.

I sunbathed amid the grasses
slept under the pampas grass,
he made me feel safe
and I trusted him.

I never knew, life
could be so good
as I fell asleep
in his arms…

Sea Memories

1065 (2)

The land between
the sea and the village,
filled with emerald grasses
and blazing wild flowers.

For her the sea was sacred
a place of peace and life,
home of her sea god
home of mother nature.

Time had passed her by
the sun was going down,
hardly a ripple of the waves
the tide was going out.

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Dragons Life

Dragon in Flight

Largo spread out his wings
cold air rippled across his wings,
sunlight dazzled upon his wings
glowing in the mid-day sun.

The world clean and simple
for he was master of the sky,
creating fear, but hunted
nowhere to call home.

A dragon can’t exist on sunlight alone
looking down upon his day’s work,
burnt swathes, cut across the land
killing few cattle, too slow to run.

Past Memories


From day to day we never know
what the tide may bring in,
a reminder of a past life
hidden by the oceans of time.

A rotting piece of driftwood
a reminder from a battle afar,
bobbing up and down in the surf
shining from afar.

Wreckage of history, love and war
pieces of stone and shell,
echoes of words worn away
some silenced long ago.

We wonder what life holds in store
so come with me, and let us search
for history upon the shore
lest, we forget our past.


Wallpaper 75

Gather up primroses and snowdrops
from banks above the creek,
muddy boots, snap dead twigs
creek; swollen with rain.

Memories of a long winter
left desolate and grey,
dark trees upon river’s edge
thick moss, upon the quay.

Wash hands in the creek
soaked from the spray,
fishes jump and dive
as birds, let out a scream.

The tide was ebbing
water oozing away,
for the stream ended
trickling into the creek.

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