Left without trace…


I remember your blonde hair
tied back with coloured beads,
when you walked out on me
that hot summer’s day.

I always expected
you would return,
for I was waiting
with arms open wide.

I searched for you
high and low,
you just vanished
leaving no trace.

As the years passed by
and you did not return,
I knew in my heart
I would live alone.

My focus in life
had all but gone,
the day you walked out
without saying good-bye.

Young Love


He could control his image
but not the tone of his voice,
his eyebrows pale brown
matching the autumn skies.

She looked happy the other day
but I believe that be an act,
for when she’s alone
it be, a different story.

She hides her feelings
but I know she loves me,
why won’t she admit it,
so we can be as one.

Past Memories


From day to day we never know
what the tide may bring in,
a reminder of a past life
hidden by the oceans of time.

A rotting piece of driftwood
a reminder from a battle afar,
bobbing up and down in the surf
shining from afar.

Wreckage of history, love and war
pieces of stone and shell,
echoes of words worn away
some silenced long ago.

We wonder what life holds in store
so come with me, and let us search
for history upon the shore
lest, we forget our past.

Shyness broken by love


Once there be silence
body language expressed,
one’s thoughts and desires
without the need to speak.

Once shyness rained
creating a barrier,
dissolved through love
though, it had never been.

He laughed and smiled
reached out, kissed her hand
hang out together, you and I
we will make it, he smiled.