Quiet Times…

St.Mary the Virgin Church - Rye - Sussex

I walked the path
other’s trod before me,
crossing the threshold
into peace and traquility.

Daylight broke through
small patterned windows,
depictiong forgotten history
of this wonderful building.

Monuments and tablets
adorn these walls,
those to be remembered
not forgotten by time.

To the death…

NPG D1306; The execution of King Charles I after Unknown artist

Public Execution of King Charles I

Charles, opposed the English Parliament
taking for himself, a catholic Queen,
believing he had absolute power
over Parliament and people.

King and Parliament, always at odds
resulting in English Civil War,
opposing forces, scarred this land
times of peace, a forgotten time.

Charles brought to trial
charged with treason, against England,
he believed he had absolute power
Parliament, believed he was to serve.

Charles was found guilty
of the charges, laid against him,
and received the ultimate sentence
off with his head.


National Portrait Gallery Image

Restoration and Revolution

King Charles II

Scotland is under tribute
to foreigners without justice
above the right of taxation
that is the part of my sore plight.

We are plundered by the English,
despoiled, slain and murdered;
we must have caused our Father anger
for we are neglected and poor.

Like the Children of Israel
in bondage to the King of Egypt,
we have the same standing:
they call us only ‘Jock.’

The Gaelic Poet: Iain Lom’s Lament
on the state of Scotland after Cromwell’s conquest.

Anne Boleyn


Anne Boleyn dressed to kill
shone out in King’s court,
she caught Henry’s eye
she intended to be; next Queen.

She promised Henry, a male heir
in return, for being his Queen,
a promise she failed to keep
bearing a daughter, not a future king.

Anne fell from favour
as Henry sought new Queen,
Anne committed acts of treason
against the king’s life.

Anne was brought to trial
and found guilty, of the charges
executioner, sharpened his axe
as Anne, walked to the block.

England’s Knights

King Harold II

Soldiers and knights, dressed to kill
ready to die, for King and country,
with sword and axe in hand.

Battled scarred lands and rivers
run red with soldiers blood,
many a knight dies, for his beliefs.

Many a knight, laid to rest
in dead man’s mail,
having served, his country well.

England’s Tudor King


Henry looks down at his life
wondering, where it has all gone,
as thoughts run wild, through his life
asking, what have I done?

His eyes gaze around the court
Queen’s pictures adorn the walls,
memories of those who betrayed him
execution, for the accused.

If only the walls could speak
they would have much to say,
for Henry ruled, with an iron fist
showing no mercy, for the accused.

The execution block
a bloody reminder,
for one who crosses
England’s King.

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Forbidden Fruit

Henry VIII - Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Henry tipped his crown
in Anne Boleyn’s direction,
he who was married
she who was tempted.

His desire for this woman
led to conflict with the church,
so the Church of England was born
with him at its head.

Henry and Anne were married
much to each other’s delight,
she gave Henry a daughter
not the son, he so desired.

Henry lost interest in Anne
ever looking for a replacement,
Anne plotted against Henry
committing the unthinkable act.

Anne was charged with adultery
for plotting against the king’s life,
she who was a Queen
received the maximum penalty.

Off with her head
off with her head,
came the cry
from the crowds.

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