Cleopatra VII: Mistress Of Rome!!

Unprecedented Cult

Greek and Royal
Ancient Egypt rulers,
Hellenistic times

Last Pharaoh
Young and beautiful,
Isis in Venus’ throne

Youngest Ptolemy
Rome’s colony

Cunning and Shrewd,
Ptolemy the scapegoat
Lust of throne,
Mistress to Rome

Caesar assasinated,
Caesarion, the child
Charmed Antonius,
Her reign alive

Egypt and Cyprus,
Under siege
Octavius raged,
Second Triumvirate ceased

Roman Senate,
Declared war
Battle of Actium,
They lost

Nowhere to run,
Antonius died
Afraid of captivity,
Took her life

Cleopatra was the last ruler of Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. Though married to Ptolemy XIV, her younger brother, she charmed Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to safeguard her throne on Egypt, a then province under Roman Republic.

She allied with Antony whom she also married, but lost the battle of Actium against Octavius, Antony’s former aide and nephew of Caesar. Octavius was critical of Antony’s actions and his inclination towards Cleopatra. Post the…

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Cathedral Memories


I walked the path
other’s trod before me,
crossing the threshold
into peace and tranquility.


Daylight broke through
stained glass windows,
depicting historical images
the life of this building.

St.Mary the Virgin Church - Rye - Sussex

Monuments and tablets
adorn these walls,
those to be remembered
not forgotten by time.

One’s Life


The bleating sound
echoes across the room,
the alarm clock tells me
it is time to rise.

I grope for the light
switch it on, and fall from my bed
put feet onto cold floor
stumble across to bathroom.

A quick wash and shave
cold water flows from tap,
a quick gaze at clock
thirty minutes, to catch bus.

Enter kitchen, for my cereals
mug of tea, hat and coat on,
out through the door
catching bus at end of road.

Through the works gate
with minutes to spare,
all this to earn my keep
and pay my bills.

Scotland’s Independence

William Wallace

William Wallace

William Wallace is born
Edward; England’s new King
each would become bitter enemies,
in Wallace’s bid for freedom.

William Wallace, martyr and patriot
sacrificed his life for Scotland,
his bid for Scotland’s freedom
being the catalyst; for war.

Templar Treasure


Templar treasure, sought by many
ships, left in the dead of night,
destination, known only to a few
a secret, never to be shared.

They slipped out of port
ships, laden down with gold
a treasure, that would be talked about
a treasure, a secret place, never told.

Hundreds of years pass by
Templar Treasure… Where is it?
asked by many, but no one knows
has the secret, been taken to the grave!

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A New Home

Planting Flag

The golden coloured surface
of Cirinius glowed in space,
mountains and rocks, dotted
across the snow covered surface.

A new home in the making
was within our grasp,
ten years in the planning
six months in space.

Planet Earth, now overcrowded
with need for space and food,
to house our population
before we go to war; for food.

Planting of the flag
and claiming the planet,
in Earth’s name
will always be remembered.

For the first humans
to step foot on this planet,
had but one simple task
to survive! to survive!

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Holy Land Pilgrims


Jerusalem; God’s holy city
where Jesus of Nazareth
was crucified upon the cross.

Pilgrims undertook pilgrimages
across dangerous lands
to pay tribute, to their saviour.

Thousands ventured forth
thousands, died on route
and buried, in the Holy Land.

Will anyone remember the fallen
lost in the sands of the east
lost… but never forgotten.

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