Earth’s Destruction


A comet observed in space
on a pre-ordained course,
is knocked off course
smashing into a dead planet.

Rain clouds of meteors
from the dead planet,
are sent hurtling through space
smashing into the sun.

Earth; once a living planet
temperatures keep on rising,
man forced to live inside
waiting for recovery.

Factory Closure


The factory is all but still
no orders to be dispatched,
those on the picket line
will be the death of us all.

Lorries and trucks
turned away from the gates,
no admittance for deliveries
no supplies, as we run short.

We all want a good wage
we all agree with that,
but any job is better
than no job at all.

The union man comes out
his face said it all,
they won’t negotiate
so its dole queue, for you.

Left without trace…


I remember your blonde hair
tied back with coloured beads,
when you walked out on me
that hot summer’s day.

I always expected
you would return,
for I was waiting
with arms open wide.

I searched for you
high and low,
you just vanished
leaving no trace.

As the years passed by
and you did not return,
I knew in my heart
I would live alone.

My focus in life
had all but gone,
the day you walked out
without saying good-bye.

Restoration and Revolution

King Charles II

Scotland is under tribute
to foreigners without justice
above the right of taxation
that is the part of my sore plight.

We are plundered by the English,
despoiled, slain and murdered;
we must have caused our Father anger
for we are neglected and poor.

Like the Children of Israel
in bondage to the King of Egypt,
we have the same standing:
they call us only ‘Jock.’

The Gaelic Poet: Iain Lom’s Lament
on the state of Scotland after Cromwell’s conquest.



I have escaped
yet I am a prisoner,
I exit my cell
I am free as a bird.

I leave my body
float off my bunk,
I turn around
my body sleeps.

The elation of freedom
what a joy to be free,
within a dreamlike state
free to wander, free to roam.

I would focus my attention
on my new environment,
speak I must not, otherwise
I would be lost, never to return.

Old Age…


Welcome to that time
when our bodies crack up,
we have lost our mobility
and taken to a frame.

Eyesight becomes blurred
hearing… what hearing,
our hearts slow down
and medication goes up.

One becomes envious
of those jogging around,
reminding you of past times
when you, were that young.

Dragons Life

Dragon in Flight

Largo spread out his wings
cold air rippled across his wings,
sunlight dazzled upon his wings
glowing in the mid-day sun.

The world clean and simple
for he was master of the sky,
creating fear, but hunted
nowhere to call home.

A dragon can’t exist on sunlight alone
looking down upon his day’s work,
burnt swathes, cut across the land
killing few cattle, too slow to run.

Past Memories


From day to day we never know
what the tide may bring in,
a reminder of a past life
hidden by the oceans of time.

A rotting piece of driftwood
a reminder from a battle afar,
bobbing up and down in the surf
shining from afar.

Wreckage of history, love and war
pieces of stone and shell,
echoes of words worn away
some silenced long ago.

We wonder what life holds in store
so come with me, and let us search
for history upon the shore
lest, we forget our past.