Under Attack…


Run for your lives
and take cover,
machines are attacking
from all directions.

My toaster came at me
firing toast at me,
as I fought it off
tossing it out, the window.

What will attack us next
as the rules are changed,
we the inventors, are its prey
we now fear, our own creations.

Triangle Mysteries

Bermuda Triangle

We are entering white water
but nothing seems right,
we know not, where we are
the water is green and white.

Science does not have the answer
why ships and planes, behave strangely
why some, and not others
just vanish without trace.

Could we be entering a portal
that would project us into space,
sending us to a new world
and a new life, in space.

Could it be the chosen road
for some, but not others
or nature stepping in
protecting those in danger.



I have escaped
yet I am a prisoner,
I exit my cell
I am free as a bird.

I leave my body
float off my bunk,
I turn around
my body sleeps.

The elation of freedom
what a joy to be free,
within a dreamlike state
free to wander, free to roam.

I would focus my attention
on my new environment,
speak I must not, otherwise
I would be lost, never to return.

Rising from the ashes

Out of the Ashes

I turned on the computer
lights flashed, beeps sounded,
it told me at once
my machine needed help.

The machine sat idly
before my very eyes,
not even a C: prompt
appeared before my eyes.

My utility program
kicked into action,
and re-booted the system
accessing the deleted files.

Thousands of files deleted
with a few clicks, re-loaded,
and rose from the ashes
to last, but another day…

That Sinking Feeling

Composition of documents

I remember that day well
the media was full of it,
a new generation of computers
was the talk of the day.

With the dawning of a new age
came the portable storage devices,
technology claimed, first steps
towards a paperless office.

With new computers, came add-ons
from storage drives to data sticks,
so the roller coaster ride
of new technology had begun.

Fancy claims of paper reduction
twenty five years later, no change
we receive as much post, if not more
mostly generated by technology.

Is the day of the paperless society
just around the corner,
or are we to wait
another twenty years, or more!