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Albert Einstein Wallpaper

I live in the present
while my thoughts live,
in the past and the future.

I live to develop theories
one which equals understanding,
of cause and effect, upon things.

I will seek answers to questions
that have remained unanswered,
waiting… to be solved


My Pilgrimage

Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounion near Athens, Greece

A pilgrimage of the mind
as we set foot on her land,
she receives us, as travellers
upon this forgotten land.

We feel the stones of time
press down, under our feet,
as we seek out ruined temples
to mingle with our mind.

Stone Age Surgery

Stone Age Surgery
Stone Age Brain Surgery

This patient must be now trephined
let all the others go;
to-morrow when the sun is up
my magic I’ll them show.

Two men the epileptic bore
and laid him on a trunk,
and when the wretch was coming round
he showed some signs of funk.

No question put they to the man;
the doctor cleared his throat,
then, bringing flints from out his hut,
took off his hairy coat.

A crowd had gathered all around,
to watch the bloody deed;
their curiosity was stirred
to see his devil freed.

With sharp flint flake the surgeon made
a cruciform incision;
the blood did spurt, the wound it hurt,
the crowd laughed in derision.

The two assistants pressed the flaps
to stop the blood from running;
The Medicine-Man did scheme and plan,
he was so full of cunning.

He scraped the pericranium,
until the skull was bare;
then scratched the bone with a sharp stone,
it did not matter where.

He scraped that bone and scratched and scraped
the scratches made a groove,
the groove a basin-like eclipse,
the patient did not move.

The fact was this, when he came round
so rotten did he feel,
he fainted when he found himself
the centre of such zeal.

The hollow soon became a hole,
t’was all but through the bone,
his diploe, you well might see,
but still he made no moan.

The inner table only now
protected his soft brain,
one final scrape and he did make
that hole a window-pane.

The devil stirred within his skull
and, with a fearful yell,
escaped from out its prison-house
to seek its own in hell.


Some years ago came across this poem by an unknown writer, so thought it would be nice to share, this slice of fun.  Thankfully surgery has moved forward…

Cleopatra VII: Mistress Of Rome!!

Unprecedented Cult

Greek and Royal
Ancient Egypt rulers,
Hellenistic times

Last Pharaoh
Young and beautiful,
Isis in Venus’ throne

Youngest Ptolemy
Rome’s colony

Cunning and Shrewd,
Ptolemy the scapegoat
Lust of throne,
Mistress to Rome

Caesar assasinated,
Caesarion, the child
Charmed Antonius,
Her reign alive

Egypt and Cyprus,
Under siege
Octavius raged,
Second Triumvirate ceased

Roman Senate,
Declared war
Battle of Actium,
They lost

Nowhere to run,
Antonius died
Afraid of captivity,
Took her life

Cleopatra was the last ruler of Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. Though married to Ptolemy XIV, her younger brother, she charmed Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to safeguard her throne on Egypt, a then province under Roman Republic.

She allied with Antony whom she also married, but lost the battle of Actium against Octavius, Antony’s former aide and nephew of Caesar. Octavius was critical of Antony’s actions and his inclination towards Cleopatra. Post the…

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Cathedral Memories


I walked the path
other’s trod before me,
crossing the threshold
into peace and tranquility.


Daylight broke through
stained glass windows,
depicting historical images
the life of this building.

St.Mary the Virgin Church - Rye - Sussex

Monuments and tablets
adorn these walls,
those to be remembered
not forgotten by time.

One’s Life


The bleating sound
echoes across the room,
the alarm clock tells me
it is time to rise.

I grope for the light
switch it on, and fall from my bed
put feet onto cold floor
stumble across to bathroom.

A quick wash and shave
cold water flows from tap,
a quick gaze at clock
thirty minutes, to catch bus.

Enter kitchen, for my cereals
mug of tea, hat and coat on,
out through the door
catching bus at end of road.

Through the works gate
with minutes to spare,
all this to earn my keep
and pay my bills.

Templar Treasure


Templar treasure, sought by many
ships, left in the dead of night,
destination, known only to a few
a secret, never to be shared.

They slipped out of port
ships, laden down with gold
a treasure, that would be talked about
a treasure, a secret place, never told.

Hundreds of years pass by
Templar Treasure… Where is it?
asked by many, but no one knows
has the secret, been taken to the grave!

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