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One’s Life


It is hard to stand out
in a room full of people.

It is hard to be a bright light
when the room is full of darkness.

I looked in the mirror
I couldn’t see me.

The light has gone out
my light has gone out.


Earth’s Destruction


A comet observed in space
on a pre-ordained course,
is knocked off course
smashing into a dead planet.

Rain clouds of meteors
from the dead planet,
are sent hurtling through space
smashing into the sun.

Earth; once a living planet
temperatures keep on rising,
man forced to live inside
waiting for recovery.

Night Fire…


The enclosed city
watched itself blazing,
as the flames crackled
in the night sky.

Clouds of ice particles
hung in the air,
protecting its people
like a shield.

The fire pulled itself
higher on the wind,
filling the sky with
burning buildings.


No Escape: Nature’s Destruction


During the night
the storms came down,
it liquefied the air
transforming the lasndscape
into burning red ash,
destroying all that stood in its path
no one will ever forget
that night of destruction.

Wallpaper Image


Famine… Destruction


Sun drenched skyline
harvests, abandoned
crops withering
for it was a time of dying.

Pockets of humanity
escaped death,
mass graves
filled with skeletons.

Countless villages, empty
lay silent and forbidding
with the absence of life,
death and destruction.