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Our Identity


During the day
we be not alone,
we project our brighter side
attracting interest from other’s.

If only they knew
when we be alone,
we enter a dark hollow
a time of our true self.

I glance backwards
as darkness chases me,
I run towards the light
heading towards life.

If only … If only…
I could view my smiling face,
swinging from the past
to the future; a life of understanding.


Long Lost Memories


From day to day we never know
what the tide may bring in,
a reminder of a past life
hidden by oceans of time.

A rotting piece of driftwood
a reminder from a battle afar,
babbling up and down in the surf
shining from afar.

Wreckage of history, love and war
pieces of stone and shell,
echoes of words worn away
some silenced long ago.

We know what life holds in store
so come and let us search,
for history upon the shore
lest, we forget our past.

Silence… Death…


In the sun-drenched skyline
harvests lay abandoned,
crops withered across the land
for it was a time of dying.

Pockets of humanity had escaped
the  swath of death,
that had laid waste
to the human civilisation.

Countless empty villages
lay silent and forbidding,
mass graves everywhere
filled, with tangled skeletons.

Silence reigns everywhere
with the absence of life,
as radio-active winds
bring death and destruction.