The old man raised
a cup of coffee
to his thick lips,
sipping quietly.

He witnessed the birth
of a new world,
as nature took away
the light forever.


He had never known
a life without daylight,
he never understood
the power of nature.


All Seasons

Reflections by Liek

Late snowfall had melted
bleating new born lambs faded,
spring was on its way
village gardens come to life.

Bluebells sapphired the woodlands
buttercups gilded the meadows,
daffodils gave way to pansies
blazing baskets all in bloom.

As summer burst forth
blue skies and white clouds,
blue lakes and white swans
feeding crumbs, to hungry swans.

Butterflies exploding from hedgerows
dragon flies glinted in the sun,
insects skate upon the surface
of the village pond.

Soft breezes, rustling wind
summertime moving with the breeze,
leaves turning golden brown
autumn is a coming.

Storms battled with the sun
rainbows across the shoreline,
as autumn moves in
with a chill in the wind.

Leaves fall from the trees
plants shedding their leaves,
temperatures plummet
as winter moves in…


Wallpaper 75

Gather up primroses and snowdrops
from banks above the creek,
muddy boots, snap dead twigs
creek; swollen with rain.

Memories of a long winter
left desolate and grey,
dark trees upon river’s edge
thick moss, upon the quay.

Wash hands in the creek
soaked from the spray,
fishes jump and dive
as birds, let out a scream.

The tide was ebbing
water oozing away,
for the stream ended
trickling into the creek.

Wallpaper Image