Young Love


A voice washed over her
drowning out her senses,
swamping her brain
with exhileration and fear.

Wild passion surged through her
she thought her heart, would burst
as words flowed over her
her strength, drained with each word.

A pale lost face, overwhelmed
with love drenched eyes,
struggling against the hypnotic voice
it was just too much, to bear.

She surrendered her resistance
floating on a sea of words,
the voice caressed her
her free will, floating away.


Heartfelt Feelings

Memories - Vidan Art Beland

Warmth and emptiness
spread through her body,
as her fingers and toes
filled with numbness and feelings.

She felt as though
she would break apart,
into millions of pieces
and disappear into oblivion.

As his soft blue eyes
gazed into her green eyes,
she knew at that instance
he could read her mind.

Young Love


He could control his image
but not the tone of his voice,
his eyebrows pale brown
matching the autumn skies.

She looked happy the other day
but I believe that be an act,
for when she’s alone
it be, a different story.

She hides her feelings
but I know she loves me,
why won’t she admit it,
so we can be as one.